Top 5 Flowers to Send to Cebu

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Top 5 Flowers to Send to Cebu

Top 5 Flowers to Send to Cebu:

Cebu occupies a unique spot in our lives, as they are filled with the best of nature; flowers! Blended with beautiful rolling hills, tropical climate, and densely wooded regions, Cebu is undoubtedly giving us flowers throughout every corner with beautiful species. This tiny slice of paradise, otherwise regarded as the "Queen of the South," knows no limits when it comes to colorful, happy flowers that bloom throughout the year.

The ideal environment and geographical position of Cebu often allow for a getaway that at any time of the year looks and feels good. For every reason, you can't go wrong with flowers since the flowers look stunning and it's a nice present.

Flowers, plants, and other foliage reflect feelings, thoughts, and behavior. What flower has its own purpose, so it can build a positive atmosphere by surrounding yourself with plant species which embody things you want or appreciate.  If you're going to surprise a loved one with a customized present, send flowers to Cebu and let them treasure your unique gift!

Another aspect to bear in mind when picking a plant or flower present is that different colors often have their own meanings.

The planet has so many flowers, so what are the right flowers to give and load your home with? Send flowers to Cebu and let your loved ones enjoy nature’s beauty!

We've picked our favorite flowers as presents, and you can select the right design for giving them to your partner or yourself.

  • Roses are the most iconic flower. Red roses are the great Valentine's Day present or bouquet for anniversaries. Give only one rose stem or surprise anyone with a three-dozen rose bouquet for a special gift. A modern, increasingly common, rose color is a purple rose. Both purple rose bouquets or arrangements are available which feature purple roses with many other decorative items. You should give a rose color that suits the current season, too. Send flowers to Cebu to mesmerize a loved one!

  • Sunflowers are probably the world's most common species. They are mostly seen growing up as wildflowers but are just as customary to give as a birthday gift or a get well soon present. Sunflowers with wide center and tiny yellow leaves are a friendly and cheerful herb. Sunflowers require maximum sunshine, prefer a temperature range of 70–78o F and their watering needs differ throughout the increasing process according to their period. Sunflowers are better held as outside plants since they can grow to 9–12 feet tall, but in the shape of a bouquet, they can add light and joy indoors

  • Lilies are indeed a big flower that further makes a dramatic statement. Whenever a lily is placed to a bouquet, it fills the bouquet with life. Although lilies also seem to sneeze people with allergies, they are great for anybody who truly loves a dramatic entrance. Lilies are robust, traditional and come in numerous shades. These beautiful flowers are the ideal choice not only to pamper a precious one for a birthday but also to be offered or seen at funerals or express sympathy. Not all of that, vibrant lilies are a suitable great present to rejoice a milestone like a graduation, job promotion, or even a new home!

  • Tulips bloom only as a season celebration in spring. Because tulips bloom only beginning in April and following, they are the ideal flower to give for Mother's Day. Tulips come in a broad range of colors that fill every space with light, including pastel tulips and red tulips. Among the most popular flowers in the spring is a wildflower said to originate in Persia, the Tulip. Tulips were widely grown in Turkey in the 1500s, and were called tulipan because of its similarity to the "tulbend" — a turban worn by Turkish people. Tulips appear in a range of colors and are mostly symbolic of a declaration of love.

  • Carnations are a cuter intimate gesture, less pricey, less dramatic than the roses. Carnations signify passion and curiosity and are a perfect present for a special first date or more. According to a Christian story, as Jesus bore the Cross, the first carnations bloomed upon Earth. Mother Mary, seeing the suffering of Jesus, started weeping tears and pink carnations sprung up from where her tears fall. The pink carnation, therefore, became the emblem of undying affection from a mother. The primary colors of carnations in the ancient days were peach and pink, but through the years the range of hues grew to purple, white, red, yellow, and even green.

Knowing flower symbols will help you choose more interesting and customized decor and presents. Symbolism is often relevant when selecting flowers for one of the defining moments of existence, such as a wedding or another ceremony.

Flower delivery to Cebu brings a beautiful smile to a beautiful face.


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